About us

Welcome to the site of “Maine Coon Kiev”

We are in Kiev and are professionally engaged in breeding the most amazing Maine Coon cats on earth. We are registered in the international philliological systems WCF, Club “Pan Kotsky”.

We and our pets live in a spacious private house, where excellent conditions have been created for our cats, including free range in the fresh air. We feed our wards with both natural and premium class food.

Our nursery is constantly advised by a well-known veterinarian in Kiev. We do not strive to produce as many kittens as possible. We firmly believe that there should not be many cats and cats in the cattery. Only in this case, all pets will receive due attention and excellent care.

Our goal is healthy breed kittens. We are proud of the fact that behind the kittens they come to us on recommendations, acquaintances.

Our pets live in the UAE, in the United States, in the Netherlands, Turkey, Singapore .. and in Ukraine.

Folk omens

Red Maine Coon – a sign of happiness.

Signs about ginger cats have NOT appeared from nowhere. This is not fiction or fantasy, but long-term observations of wise and knowledgeable people. And only after some facts were repeated with enviable constancy, people began to call them folk omens.

It has long been noted that it is the red cats (and the huge Maine Coons especially) bring good luck, attract WEALTH to the house !!!

It was the red Maine Coons, the cats, who looked after the sick person, helped to recover much faster than he would have treated on his own ..

Folk omens recommend giving red Maine Coons for happiness to the newlyweds. As early as the 19th century in America, the Red Maine Coons were considered a sign of peace and tranquility. By their presence in the house they minimized in the house EMPTY AGGRESSION BETWEEN SPOONS.

Red Maine Coon not only minimized quarrels in the house but also protected the newlyweds from envy and pointing damage. He protected his family from dark forces that were invisible to the common man.

Long since the big red cat was a symbol of joy, well-being and success in business.

Ginger cat is a talisman from quarrels and negativity that accumulates between people.

It is believed that the red kitten, which was adopted in the family, will be the key to material security, and love in this family will live forever.

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